NVT Network Token

The NVT Network Token (NVT) is the center of our blockchain network. Reviews, votes, and other user inputs are all rewarded in the network. All services and applications hosted on our platform will use the NVT for any and all interactions. In the NVT community, votes and reviews by users will be rewarded with NVT to incentivize the discovery of quality products, thereby encouraging the best services to be the most prominent within the network. To prevent cheating or manipulation, each vote will cost a given amount of NVT.

Token Tracker
Contract Address: 0xB0DD7c86b9FB49A5a2377111d9b5EEDeF2f99880
Total Supply: tokens


Creators, companies or networks (small-scale communities, groups, etc) will be able to use the NVT token on the platform. Some of the tools will include ways for creators to promote their products or services. The platform will give the incentive to users for more contributions for something the creators wants coverage about. Tools will be added in the platform that include analytics, data and metrics from unpublished or disqualified user listings. That will help the companies better align with the quality of service they want to achieve. Partners can also choose to accept and offer the service or product of the listing itself through the platform in exchange for NVT tokens. We are always exploring possible partnerships to test some of the concepts during the early stage of development.

Users will be able to earn NVT tokens by contributing to the network. Each user will get rewards for helping the community grow. Their contributions, and every form of work within the network will be valued equally and with fairness in mind. Enforcing this principle requires a consistent mechanism to reward efficient and creative work. High-quality work encourages high-quality reviews and articles, thereby expanding the network. When users vote for a listing with NVT or use the tokens in other ways, is one of the ways we can achieve a healthy grow in the community and the network. The community can use NVT tokens in various other ways including acquiring products or services available from partners.