Dimitris Oupas
NVT Founder and Chief Technology Operations Officer

Dimitris is the CEO and Chief Technology Operations Officer of NVT. Result-oriented and competent professional with progressive IT experience in Devops and Cloud Computing. He is instrumental in providing the technological impetus to the NVT Network. Endowed with admirable and impeccable professional credentials acquired over the years of diverse corporate exposure. He is a seasoned IT professional with varied and in-depth experience in software development, data analytics, big data and automation.

Blake Schmidt
NVT Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer

Blake is the founder, owner, and operator of a company holding multi-million dollar contracts in the public and private sectors. His dedication, work ethic, and humility see him involved daily at all levels of business operations, and allow him to assess and lead teams from the office and in the field. His business management skills are honed after dealing with manifold corporate entities over the course of nearly a decade. In 2010 Blake first began exploring blockchain and cryptocurrencies. He is now discovering other use-cases, synthesizing solutions for businesses using blockchain technology.

NVT Co-founder and Director of Engineering

Trent is well-versed in technology and writing code to create systems that are reliable and user-friendly. Has confident problem-solving abilities to overcome glitches with creative solutions that are strategically designed to last long-term. He was a software development engineer at Amazon where he successfully designed and built complex systems in one-third of the time, most competent people think possible. B.S. in Computer engineering, Applied mathematics, with a minor in Economics.

Team Coordinator

Macky has a background in music and education. He entered cryptospace a long time ago, circa 2017 when rocket ships and Lamborghinis were in vogue, looking for an answer to the burning question pondered by philosophers the world o’er, “wen moon?” His deep abiding interest in community, built around blockchain technology, has outlived the ambition that brought him to crypto in the first place. He is honored to be here among teammates & friends.

Mobile Apps, Blockchain Developer

Emilio is a mild mannered Blockchain developer by day. When the moon is new, he puts on his black lab-cape and practices robots engineering on an industrial scale, likely for nefarious purposes. Emilio is enthusiastic about the future of blockchain and has done work with multiple teams on token development. We look forward to that future under our new robot overlords.

Creative Design Director

Robert makes his livelihood as a full-time trader who knows absolutely everything about coin markets. Since half a decade of TA Godhood was not enough for this chap, he has taken to marketing and graphic design for start-ups, thereby discovering another passion. That is how our team came to aquire both a god and a wizard.

Marketing Director

Results-driven Marketing Strategist with a proven track record in planning and executing digital marketing campaigns. Expertise in building and accelerating online brands. Master’s degree (M.Sc.) in Business Administration with a major in Marketing Management.